Companion Services

What are Companion Services?

No Place Like Home-Make Companion Services provides specialized companion care services. Our professionals work with physicians, hospitals, and family members to develop an individualized care program for you or a loved one’s daily needs.

Companion Care can include meal preparation, light housekeeping, errands, and shopping, but mainly companionship. If your family member or loved is struggling with everyday activities, our companion care may be the solution.

No Place Like Home-Maker Companion Services will assist in managing daily activities with specialized elderly companion care. We match our caregivers specifically to the needs of the individual.

About Companion Care Services

Seniors are at risk for depression, isolation, and medical issues due to poor emotional and physical health. Many seniors have to cope with age-related difficulties, which make it hard to perform everyday tasks and activities, resulting in falls, poor hygiene, and inadequate nutrition.

Companion care is a solution for elderly adults who live alone or for those whose family are not available on a day to day basis or maybe geographically too far away.  Companion care provides company, conversation, and the security of their own dedicated care companion. This service can also be the difference in aging in place or being forced to move to a facility as they age. Many seniors may not have the energy, motivation, or physical well-being to live comfortably without some sort of assistance.

Companion care can also bring a renewed spirit and peace of mind to family members responsible for the care of elderly relatives.